Case Studies

Research Design Associates has been executing market research and providing litigation support services for nearly three decades. In that time we’ve built an impressive client list and amassed a vast array experiences. All the while, we’ve enjoyed our work – even the most difficult assignments.

Brand Image Awareness

A manufacturer of car care applicator products began losing market share when a national brand of car wax started bundling their high-end wax with an applicator and removal products. The manufacturer was losing prime shelf space because its product became viewed as a generic low-quality competitor.

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Add Profitability By Improving Customer Satisfaction

An employee credit union wanted to identify the suitable competitive advantages their customers valued most. A consumer survey clearly determined what their participants valued most among current services and a wish list of future services.

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Using Surveys To Increase Employee Satisfaction

An international insurance company wanted employee input on benefit plans and corporate charitable giving. Research Design Associates designed a sequence of surveys to determine the investiture and type of benefits preferred by their employees at all levels.

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Using Focus Groups to Make Solid Business Decisions

A restaurateur with financial backing wanted to start a sit-down burger chain using buffalo meat as the draw. The concept was far along with architectural renderings when the company came to Research Design Associates with questions about the décor their customers might prefer.

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Using In-Depth Interviews for Strategic Solutions

A regional single-family homebuilder wanted to move into the senior age-restricted market. Research Design Associates collected secondary source research, analyzing competitors and conducted in-depth interviews, which produced actionable decision criteria.

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How Can a Product Feasibility Study Launch New Products?

A national dried beans distributor was looking for another product outlet beyond its current grocery store market. Research Design Associates investigated the fresh cooked bean retail market and found substantial interest in traditional regional bean dishes at local outdoor social gatherings (sports events, fairs, concerts, festivals, etc.)

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How Can Market Analysis Guide a Business to Success?

A family with successful high-end Italian in restaurants in Milan, Hong Kong and London wanted to open a restaurant in a growing US city. The family engaged Research Design Associates for a site location study.

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How Can A Focus Group Lead to New Business?

Research Design Associates conducted focus groups that convinced the manufacturer of the value of multi-layered targeting of their products. The traditional product maintained competitive space and pricing in a value position while the high-end product opened a new and differentiated line.

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Using Quantitative Research To Solve a Complex Problem

Exercise induced heat exhaustion is a problem for humans and horses in competition when high heat and humidity compromise evaporative cooling. RDA designed and executed field studies of aggressive cooling.

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