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Research Design Associates has been executing market research and providing litigation support services for nearly three decades. In that time we’ve built an impressive client list and amassed a vast array experiences. All the while, we’ve enjoyed our work – even the most difficult assignments.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Research Design Associates scientists worked with Emory’s University’s Department of Theater and Dance to investigate female body image.  We looked at the impact of teaching dance in front of mirrors.

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Why Is Sample Selection Valuable?

If you wanted to know how tall the average male was in the US. You could measure all 150 million guys. During the study period there would be births and deaths while you were accomplishing the measurements so you would have to account for that.

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Immunology: Where Intuition Goes to Die?

Whether in sweat lodges, hot springs, or baths, heat has been used for ages as a healing modality. Joining ongoing research, Research Design Associates scientists have confirmed the wisdom of these ancient practices.

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AI's Promise to Healthcare Delivery

There is a critical necessity for health care delivery systems to evaluate their performance relative to quality care and health outcomes. Health care systems face growing pressures to provide more effective programs, treatments, and interventions. The scientific pursuit of measuring, reporting and evaluating health care delivery and results creates effective outcomes measurement. The findings from such research can improve the health of populations as well as the patient experience of care. This information is essential to the reduction of healthcare costs and burnout among healthcare workers. RDA assists providers to develop objective, independent and transparent measurement tools and protocols in the evolution and measurement of health outcomes.

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How You Say It Matters: Chaplain Linguistic Behavior and Patient Depression

Research Design Associates scientists and colleagues from the Emory University Department of Family and Preventative Medicine are investigating how hospital chaplains’ compassion capacity is associated with their linguistic behavior with hospitalized inpatients, and how their language in turn relates to patient outcomes.

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Quality Not Quantity

Big Data research needs to be guided by content experts. Physicians hypothesized that getting outpatient medications and instructions to patients prior to discharge would reduce readmissions.

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Does Big Data Mean the End of the Scientific Method?

It is well-known that correlation does not imply causation. Big Data correlation models do not replace specific hypothesis testing that can be generalized. A Big Data discovered correlation can have a numerical basis but without meaning.

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Bias in AI

Facial recognition is at the forefront of Big Data and AI. Facial recognition is a subfield of artificial intelligence in which a software algorithm is used to identify an individual’s identity by processing a digital image of an individual’s face.

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Autonomous Vehicles: The Hubris of Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Vehicles (AV) or a driverless vehicle, is a vehicle capable of sensing its environment and operating without human involvement. An autonomous vehicle utilizes a fully automated driving system in order to allow the vehicle to respond to external conditions that a human driver would manage.

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