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RDA scientists establish hard facts that support strategic decision making and targeted outcomes. We serve the business, academic, communications, economic and social science communities in their quest for evidenced-based information.



Health care industry providers or suppliers are undergoing unprecedented audit activity. Research Design Associates provides statistical support in sampling and extrapolation to providers and suppliers who contract with third party payors. This includes studies of underpayments from third parties, voluntary repayment of overpayment as well as reviews of overpayments by Medicare Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) and Medicaid Integrity Contractors (MIC).


With increased digital, marketing is trending away from mass marketing toward the opportunities provided by technology. In this new landscape, customers need much more convincing to combat market fragmentation, increased competition, and diminishing attention spans. Market research provides the solution.


Simple research problems can generally be solved by the researcher. More complex research problems may require expert assistance to formulate the question so that it can be tested empirically. Research Design Associates provides exactly this expertise.

Origamists have the vision to see art in a simple piece of paper with mathematical boundaries. RDA uncovers powerful, business-rich data from strategic statistics and surveys. We show you how analyzing data creatively delivers research that can improve your bottom line.

Origami & Science

We offer a variety of research solutions

Through statistical and analytic expertise using the scientific method RDA generates innovative and rigorous alternatives to confusion and uncertainty.

Research Questions Answered

Health Effects

In pilot studies, Research Design Associates scientists and colleagues from the Emory University Medical School have demonstrated that compassion meditation can reduce inflammation and stress.


A successful national youth organization was face with declining membership and a somewhat tired image.

Bias in AI

Facial recognition is at the forefront of Big Data and AI. Facial recognition is a subfield of artificial intelligence in which a software algorithm is used to identify an individual’s identity by processing a digital image of an individual’s face.

Strategic Research
During Industry Disruption

Looking for competitive advantage a recorded music retailer looked at customer satisfaction and desire using surveys. Because of digitization the industry was significantly disrupted.

10-Year Longitudinal
Study of Children's Dreams

RDA scientists were involved in the analysis of this seminal longitudinal research which demonstrated that dreaming is thinking.

Mirror, Mirror
on the Wall

Research Design Associates scientists work with Emory’s University’s Department of Theater and Dance to investigate female body image and the impact of teaching dance in front of mirrors.

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