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Research Design Associates has been executing market research and providing litigation support services for nearly three decades. In that time we’ve built an impressive client list and amassed a vast array experiences. All the while, we’ve enjoyed our work – even the most difficult assignments.

Qualitative Research to Understand the Needs of Mentally Ill Homeless

In an effort to determine the residential, employment and service needs of Atlanta's homeless mentally ill, Research Design Associates joined with Atlanta-area hospitals, jails, shelters, and agencies that bring health care to the homeless.

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What Are the Health Effects of Meditation?

Meditation-based interventions have improved health for a wide variety of patient populations as well as in healthy individuals. Research has shown that meditation can improve psychological functioning and a wide range of medical issues such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, and irritable bowel syndrome.

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Heat Stress in Competition Environments

Exercise induced heat exhaustion is a problem for humans and horses in competition when high heat and humidity compromise evaporative cooling.

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Can Technology Facilitate Foreign Language Learning?

Research Design Associates joined with other scientists to investigate technological innovations such as use of the internet for the listening and grammar performance of college French students.

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How Can 260 Eyewitnesses Be Wrong?

RDA experts evaluate eyewitness accuracy in the justice system using mixed model research. Eyewitness misidentification is the single greatest cause of wrongful convictions. DNA evidence has exonerated 375 wrongly convicted persons.

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Empirical Assessment of Fairness of Police Lineups

A witness  saw a robber in the dark for a few seconds. Six months later the eyewitness identified the defendant from a 6-person photographic lineup. To test the lineup used in this case, Research Design Associates researchers presented 40 people (unfamiliar with the suspect) with a description of the suspect.

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New Product Lines and Increased Total Market Share

RDA’s research supported the value of multi-layered targeting of their products. The traditional product maintained competitive space and pricing in a value position while the high-end product opened a new and differentiated line. The research led to new product lines and increased total market share. The strategy was then rolled out regionally.

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How Can I Combat Declining Membership In My Non-Profit?

RDA was engaged by a youth sport education group to develop a strategic realignment initiated by a declining membership and a perception of exclusivity.

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How Can A Non-Profit Adapt To A Changing Marketplace?

The national chapter of an international sport association which had traditionally served as the feeder system for the elite competitors was grappling a series of issues.

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