AI's Promise to Healthcare Delivery

There is a critical necessity for health care delivery systems to evaluate their performance relative to quality care and health outcomes. Health care systems face growing pressures to provide more effective programs, treatments, and interventions. The scientific pursuit of measuring, reporting and evaluating health care delivery and results creates effective outcomes measurement. The findings from such research can improve the health of populations as well as the patient experience of care. This information is essential to the reduction of healthcare costs and burnout among healthcare workers. RDA assists providers to develop objective, independent and transparent measurement tools and protocols in the evolution and measurement of health outcomes.


Case: RDA has helped an organization develop measurement criteria for the evaluation of treatment effectiveness for individuals suffering from the impact following natural disasters and terrorist attacks. We developed baseline assessment tools, treatment schedules and analyzed their effectiveness using established trauma scales along with situation specific protocols.


Case: Some physicians treat very ill and/or addicted patients who have intermittent access to care. Many of their patients cannot receive treatment in other places in the healthcare system. The mortality rates, prescription rates and health outcomes raise red flags on computer models as aberrant. In fact, these are very reputable and ethical providers handling the most difficult cases. RDA has assisted those treating the very sickest of the sick establish measurement protocols and evaluations so that this work can proceed.

AI in Healthcare

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