Using Quantitative Research To Solve a Complex Problem

Exercise induced heat exhaustion is a problem for humans and horses in competition when high heat and humidity compromise evaporative cooling. RDA designed and executed field studies of aggressive cooling.

Over a 7 year period, RDA scientists joined with international investigators in a series of exercise physiology studies designed to safeguard elite athletes training for the extreme heat and humidity they would face at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and beyond. RDA designed and directed numerous field studies and collaborated with the laboratory science generated. The work impacted competition planning; athlete acclimatization, transport, and training as well as performance boundaries understanding extreme conditions when competition must stop. The effort spawned over 40 studies published in refereed journals and established criteria for elite performance in extreme weather. This work continues to have utility as temperatures rise and impact outdoor athletic activities.

Equine Exercise Physiology 4, Equine Veterinary Journal supplement 18, May 1995.

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