Web Research

Internet research is becoming more prevalent and useful as the number of people online continues to grow and expand.

Research Design Associates uses pioneering technology and methodologies to help you gain insight into your market.
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The internet is an excellent arena to gather data quickly and effectively - an ideal environment for respondents to give their opinions at their leisure. Whether it’s a B2B survey or a consumer survey, online research is a valuable tool for gathering intelligence about your market.

Whether you need an online survey or focus group or the most efficient web analytics or e-metrics; Research Design Associates can help. Using traditional customer methods in new media can be a quick and cost effective way to make informed decisions. All organizations are facing unprecedented challenges using the complex new channels for marketing online. Knowing and tracking how interactive relationships work and grow will allow you to evaluate and expand most successfully.

Research Design Associates understands the latest tools for market research and utilizes progressive instruments to bring together consumers to efficiently evaluate a product or service.