In-depth Interviews

Sometimes the best market knowledge comes from the top. Organizations often need information from leaders of other organizations. But these leaders may not be willing to talk to you, or fill out a survey, or attend a focus group.

Research Design Associates can help by getting managers and decision makers to participate in structured, objective interviews.
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Our clients use the knowledge from the in-depth Interview process for concept development and to find solutions to industry problems. The structured nature of the interviews means that Research Design Associates can turn the qualitative details into quantitative results for your company to plug into its strategic planning.

Case: In-depth Interviews

A regional single-family homebuilder wanted to move into the senior age-restricted market. Research Design Associates collected secondary source research, analyzing competitors and conducted in-depth interviews, which produced actionable decision criteria. The builder redesigned his business plan to address customer-based needs and preferences and positioned them as a strategic alternative to country club communities.