Focus Groups

Gaining insight into the complexity and range of consumers’ decision processes can help you strategically position yourself in order to outperform your competition.

With the help of Research Design Associates-led focus groups you can better evaluate consumer behaviors, intentions and feelings that cannot be measured or observed directly.
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In order to best understand the consumer, Research Design Associates employs professionally trained focus group moderators who utilize cutting-edge techniques that go beyond the usual top-of-mind responses to uncover the respondent's true perceptions.

Alternatively, online or teleconference focus groups afford no geographic barriers and complete transcripts of the session are available immediately. Either way, Research Design Associates can help you delve into the minds of your past, current or future customers to enable you to pin-point your next strategic move.

Focus groups allow companies to develop, package, name, or test-market a new product before it is made available to the public. Research Design Associates’ well-managed focus group research provides insightful and actionable results. When used in conjunction with quantitative measures, the combination provides more complete knowledge than either methodology alone.

Case: Focus Groups

A restaurateur with financial backing wanted to start a sit down burger chain using buffalo meat as the draw. The concept was far along with architectural renderings when the company came to Research Design Associates with questions about the décor their customers might prefer.

However, in the midst of a battery of focus groups, consumers told Research Design Associates that they were not interested in paying higher prices for buffalo burgers. Nor was the meat itself a draw. Based on those findings the entrepreneur adroitly changed direction and now has a successful chain of casual pubs, less focused on food. While buffalo burgers were originally on the menu, now only buffalo wings satisfy customers’ food appetites.