Product Feasibility Study

The failure rate of new product introductions is very high; some estimate that less than 20% of new products succeed.

Do you truly understand the total investment needed to successfully launch your new project, product or concept? Are the risks too great?
It’s likely time for an outside opinion.

A Research Design Associates feasibility study can provide you with a logical tool to discern the potential impact and likely success of your new project.

We look at your potential project through the eyes of your market place. The outcome is focused on determining whether the investment of time and other resources will yield a desirable result.
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Introducing new products to the market without the right research is like driving blind. Your successful product introduction depends on seeing the market and the opportunity.

Feasibility studies help organizations understand which projects to pursue and which to abandon before investing critical resources. Research Design Associates provides factual information to support leaders in making a project decision: “go, or no-go,” or revise the plan before proceeding.

Using both qualitative and quantitative research, we help bring to light the total investments needed for your potential project. We can assess the labor, construction or cash requirements and help you understand the future cost of raw materials. What about the intangibles - the stakeholder interests, community attitudes and consumer base? We’re here to help you figure those out.

A Research Design Associates feasibility study is time and money well-spent.c

Case: Product Feasibility Study

A national dried beans distributor was looking for another product outlet beyond its current grocery store market. Research Design Associates investigated the fresh cooked bean retail market and found substantial interest in traditional regional bean dishes at local outdoor social gatherings (sports events, fairs, concerts, festivals, etc).

Because moving their bean products into prepared dishes was a major departure from the company’s skill set, the client partnered with established food preparation and distribution organizations to execute the project.

The result: new distribution channels and increased sales without dangerous exposure to a competitive business where they lacked experience and understanding.