Market Analysis

In today’s marketplace executives are forced to navigate in often unfamiliar territory while fine-tuning their own business operations. Previously successful methods may no longer provide a direct path to the customer; market analysis is essential to grasping market trends and to learn what old and new customers are seeking.

And market analysis is what we do. Research Design Associates gathers information to support informed, market-based answers – it’s at the core of our existence. Let us help you stay ahead of the market trends.
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Our market analysis services are customizable to each client’s needs.
Some commonly requested services include: Target Market Identification, Market Segmentation, and Packaging & Pricing Services.
Market Segmentation
Market Segmentation matches your offerings with your target customers. By helping you satisfy the needs of the 21st century consumer, Research Design Associates ensures the highest return on your sales and marketing expenditures.

How is your market structured?
Research Design Associates helps businesses evaluate strategic, operational and functional management processes and identifies the customers most likely to purchase a product or service.

Once your segments are matched with your offering, we determine those characteristics that influence purchases decisions and test decision makers’ attitudes, which provides you with a road map that helps you know where to drive your product.
Target Market Identification
Target Market Identification helps you find those consumers with strong affinity and loyalty toward a particular product.

Often, business leaders make decisions based on assumptions. However, during an economic downturn, it is imperative that you make decisions with greater certainty.

Are there enough consumers in the marketplace to support your products?

Research Design Associates can help you find out.
Packaging & Pricing
Packaging & Pricing strategies help your business deliver your product in a logical format in order to maximize your sales potential.

When price is the driving force in getting sales, fear, not strategy, is driving the company. The decision to drop prices should be only a part of your total marketing program.

If your company's only strategy is to use price to lure customers you may need help in developing an overall sales and marketing plan to utilize a variety of options in a price-driven business model. It may be time to contact Research Design Associates.

Case: Market Analysis

Facing competition from big box stores and online retailers, a regional art supply business saw its sales slipping. Historically, the store carried a broad supply of paints, papers and utensils for visual artists targeted toward art students and professionals.

Research Design Associates undertook careful analysis of the store’s receipts, surveyed their customers and their competitors’ customers. This research illuminated the problem: the best customer was no longer the “pro” - it was now the local suburban mom with an artistic flair.

Understanding this new target consumer led to a complete change of focus of inventory, promotion, services offered and profitability.

Repositioning the company to satisfy the needs of this specific target market allowed this flagging company to thrive. Research Design Associates helped transform it from a company selling art supplies (just like dozens of others including web sellers) to a business servicing the desires and needs of a local group of specific customers.