Employee Research

Understanding what makes your employees tick can lead to increased productivity and decreased turnover of valued personnel. Further, happy employees can provide the best public relations for your firm.

Employees’ opinions about your organization impact their attitude, which ultimately affects customers' attitudes and your bottom line. Research Design Associates can help your company understand what motivates employees, drives loyalty and maximizes potential.
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Employees are the face, frontline and voice of your organization. Understanding their opinions on such things as benefits packages and corporate citizenship programs can help you find the keys to a desirable workplace.

Simply by asking the right questions Research Design Associates helps you navigate the tricky minefield of your inner-office workings. We’ve all heard about, or possibly experienced, the “culture clash” between the new millennial worker and those from a more-experienced generation.

A successful office environment integrates the skills and strengths of each team member. Our employee research will help you develop a high-functioning workforce and focus them on your outward-facing goals.

Case: Employee Research

An international insurance company wanted employee input on benefit plans and corporate charitable giving. Research Design Associates designed a sequence of surveys to determine the investiture and type of benefits preferred by their employees at all levels.

The result: a benefit package tailored to the individual employee’s choices. Research Design Associates honed-in on the divergent needs of the company’s employees to help make more people satisfied more of the time.

For example: A young person wanted minimal health coverage and more time off. While a young married couple opted for more medical and life insurance support as they anticipated starting a family. The family with young children chose a child care package and reduce vacation days.

Employees customized their benefits packages relative to their individual priorities. The result was increased satisfaction and decreased cost as the company managed needs and stopped trying to determine the best choices for their employees.

To achieve the goals Research Design Associates administered a multifaceted survey. Some employees responded to email surveys, others without computers at work participated online through a bank of laptops set up for a week at their site, and some obtained paper copies of the questionnaires returned by US Mail.

The company wanted full and complete coverage and, thanks to Research Design Associates’ thorough work, the client got extremely high response rates, and ultimately, more satisfied employees.