Brand and Image Awareness

“Perception is reality” – particularly in the business world. Consumers’ perceptions about your brand and image contribute to their decision about whether to become your customer or your competitor.

Research Design Associates believes that finding out what customers want is easier if you ask them. And we know how to do that for you.
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What do consumers know or believe about your company’s overall reputation?

Does your product or service appeal to consumers in the 21st century marketplace?

What do your potential new customers think about you relative to your competition?

The answers to these questions shape your Brand and Image. Most importantly, the answers impact decision makers and contribute to buying decisions.

By combining qualitative and quantitative research methods, Research Design Associates helps you find the all-important answers to these questions to help you minimize risk and maximize your business opportunities.

Case: Brand and Image Awareness

A manufacturer of car care applicator products began losing market share when a national brand of car wax started bundling their high-end wax with an applicator and removal products. The manufacturer was losing prime shelf space because its product became viewed as a generic low-quality competitor.

The manufacturer engaged Research Design Associates and, with our consumer testing input, began designing new packaging in an effort to reposition the products into two market segments: a premium product displayed in a high-end bold box to compete in the space next to the wax products, and the traditional product packaged in plastic bags or cardboard hangers.

Research Design Associates conducted focus groups that convinced the manufacturer of the value multi-layered targeting of their products. The traditional product maintained competitive space and pricing in a value position while the high end product opened a new and differentiated line. The research led to new product lines and increased total market share.