Is There Magic in Magic Mushrooms?

RDA scientists recently published a survey-based study that suggests that naturalistic psychedelic use provides mental health benefits similar to those observed in clinical trials. A cross-sectional, online survey was completed by 2,510 adults reporting at least one lifetime psychedelic experience. Psychedelic use was associated with significant improvements in depressive and anxious symptoms and with increased emotional well-being. These improvements increased in magnitude with increasing psychedelic exposure, with a ceiling effect. However, 13% percent endorsed at least one harm from psychedelic use.

Results from the study add to a growing database indicating that psychedelic use—even outside the context of clinical trials—may provide a wide range of mental health benefits, while also posing some risk for harm in a minority of individuals.

Raison, C.L., Jain, R., Penn, A.D., Cole, S.P., and Jain, S. (2022). Effects of naturalistic psychedelic use on depression, anxiety and well-being: associations with patterns of use, reported harms and transformative mental states. Frontiers in Psychiatry: Psychopharmacology.  doi:10.3389/fpsyt.2022.831092.

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