Questions and Answers

What are common mistakes in market research?
Relying on Family & Friends for Focus Group
A common mistake of start-ups is asking those close to you for feedback on your product and service. Friends and family make the worst possible selection of a focus group. They are least likely to tell you the cold hard facts about being a consumer your. Their role is to support and allow you to be the authority about your organization. Don’t waste your money or delude yourself that they can replace information from your customers.

Years and Years Attitude
You spent years in your industry and understand customers’, who needs market research? You carry plenty of baggage and preconceived notions of customers’ needs and wants. When customers disagree they are disregarded as exceptions.

All too often business owners will downplay the importance of gaining customer insight by market research. It's absurd how many businesses are launched without ever talking to a single potential customer. Avoid the common errors and use market research wisely to position your business for success.
Why can’t I just do a survey myself?
There are many parts of survey work that can be handled well in-house. Survey construction tools are available online in software packages. There are 3 areas where you might want someone with experience looking over your project. The first is in question wording. Asking the wrong question is easier than it might appear and will inevitably give the wrong answer. The second place where expertise is useful is in selecting a representative sample that is of the right size to result in accurate and meaningful findings. Using a consultant with broad knowledge and understanding of your marketplace to help interpret your findings is the third area where outside help can substantially increase the value of your survey project.
Any ideas on challenging a statistial Medicare audit?

A DVD on steps for consideration in a Medicare or Medicaid audit is available from Strafford Publishing. For a presentation of extrapolation issues and terms used in audits are available here. Contact us for more information relative to your specific case. Watch our blog for conversations about review of statistical audits.

What kind of statistics are necessary for Medicaid repayment estimates?

A presentation of considerations for Medicaid repaymenbt studies can be viewed here. The video and CLE credits is available through Strafford Publications. Our blog has converations about voluntary repayment studies. While regulations for repayments vary from state to state, the methodologies and statistics used for analysis are consistant throughout. Contact us to discussion of the praticulars of you specific study.


Are there more flexible approaches for analysis of correlated data?

Linear mixed modeling (LMM) is used for research designs where the data for participants are organized at more than one level or where there are repeated measurements over time. There are several advantages to using LMM for repeated measures where you have the observations clustered within a study participant. An advantage of LMM over alternative analyses such as repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) is that independence of errors is not required. LMM thus provides a flexible approach to correlated data for repeated measurements or to multiple related outcome measures at one point in time.