Research Toolbox

Are you sitting on a goldmine?

Research Design Associates uncovers your hidden strengths, key assets, and most profitable centers through market analysis and surveys.
Often, a crisis forces a company to take a closer look at its marketing program: competition heats up, a new player enters, market conditions change, sales drop, revenues must increase.

In emergency situations it can be difficult to remain objective. But even in the good times, prosperity can cause a company to rest on its laurels.
Research Design Associates strategic research serves as your safeguard against crisis and complacency. With our extensive research toolbox, we help you gathers answers when you need them and provide expertise about how to use them.
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When you need information about a particular market segment, geographic area, demographic preferences or consumer buying activities Research Design Associates serves as your guide.

One true way to learn about your customers and prospective customers is to ask them directly. There are no short cuts. Accurate market research is critical in attaining a successful, effective market position. Now, is the perfect time to get a jump start on your competition by surveying your customers and prospects to find out their true needs in the midst of your competitors’ budget slashes and complacency. Gaining a better understanding of your customers and prospects will help you make the appropriate decisions when streamlining your business to meet changing needs.

Our research covers a wide range of services.

Looking for an in-depth understanding of your customer, organization or competitor behaviors? We provide Qualitative Research, to investigate the how and the why.

What about when the numbers matter? Research Design Associates quantitative research methodologies apply vast statistical and analytical expertise to produce relevant and accurate answers to help you move forward in a logical direction.

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