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Nonprofits Work on Donations, Services and Volunteers

What do these statistics tell us about the impact of individual giving and membership on nonprofits? Relative to volunteering there are generational differences between the baby boomers and later generations in their propensity to join organizations and what they expect from membership. While the percentage of volunteers remains consistent, expectations and reasons for volunteering are quite different in the younger more time pressed individuals. These younger members have different needs and communicate said in a substantially different way.


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Look Beyond the Bad Luck

Make disaster planning part of your business process

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The Way Forward for Charitable Organizations

A majority of charities can’t afford paid publicity, and the slow demise of newspapers makes it nearly impossible to get eye-catching unpaid space. Citing wildly successful turn-around campaigns in the for-profit sector for pork, milk and eggs, Pallotta wants to leverage that type of media campaign for the charitable sector. He is convinced that a well-researched national effort can, over time, change the public perception of these organizations.

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