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Incorporating Social Media Analytics Into Market Positioning Strategy

For organization with large consumer audiences (governmental, not for profit and business) Social Media analytics can drive growth, attention and revenues. While asking the right questions for your organizations must ground these expenditures, there’s sound decision data readily available.

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Feasibility research - not just for big companies any more

Entrepreneurs are a passionate lot, committed to their vision. Small business or companies with a single product line generally tightly focused on the assets of their product and mastering the complexity of production and distribution. While it is essential to master execution, few products succeed that do not actually contribute to the solution of the customers’ problem. If a small company only focuses on the realities of production to the relative exclusion of consumer need/wants, it will likely fail.

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Moving or Expanding Your Company

This past season we worked with a firm that was interested in expanding its operations into Georgia. As always the first step is to define the markets for the firm in the new location. A firm needs to sort out the market share and opportunity that the new location is expected to provide and to understand the fit between workforce needs of the business and workforce assets of the new location. Once the choice of locations can be narrowed to a list of two or three locations, then a firm should explore the tax incentives of each state.

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Inventor ’s Choice

What do inverters want? (Good return on their investment and minimal risk). What do inventors want? (Sell lots of the product and make a bunch of money). What's the optimal market for the product? (That's where market research comes in). Successfully addressing these 3 questions are a good basis for finding the bring a new product to market. It has never been easy, but it is harder with finance organizations currently being so risk averse.

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