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Knowing Candidate Antidaote to False Accusations

While on a national election is it harder to have that personal connection with voters that actual know the integrity of the candidate.  On the local level where a candidate has met or been seen many times by the voters, it is harder to prove the lack of integrity without true validation and providing a broader context to the issues. 

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I'm a Member of the 1%...On LinkedIn

Since I get asked for LinkedIn tutorials from time-to-time, here are some helpful tips on how to build your brand, especially relevant to those in sales and business development roles.

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Incorporating Social Media Analytics Into Market Positioning Strategy

For organization with large consumer audiences (governmental, not for profit and business) Social Media analytics can drive growth, attention and revenues. While asking the right questions for your organizations must ground these expenditures, there’s sound decision data readily available.

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Distrubution Channels Challenged by Ecommerce

The growth of ecommerce has meant a seismic shift in the relationships between consumers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and service providers. It presents many companies with the option of altering, reducing or eliminating the role of intermediaries and lets those providers transact directly with their customers. Small companies with a limited number of products do no have to spend years getting the attention of distributors, paying large warehousing and rep fees, buying shelf space and comping product. However it is not a free ride

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Cash Mobs: Social Media Meets Small Businesses

Now, small community businesses are greeting ‘cash mobs’ of cash bearing customers who have been organized using social media like Facebook or Twitter. Participants in the cash mob receive an invitation with a date and time only: the location and name of the business comes just before the event to maintain the element of surprise. Each person commits to spending a predetermined amount of money - $20 seems to be the accepted standard – in cash. A good coordinator will also plan a debrief at a local restaurant or pub, doubling the evening’s benefit to the community.

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