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Cash Mobs: Social Media Meets Small Businesses

Now, small community businesses are greeting ‘cash mobs’ of cash bearing customers who have been organized using social media like Facebook or Twitter. Participants in the cash mob receive an invitation with a date and time only: the location and name of the business comes just before the event to maintain the element of surprise. Each person commits to spending a predetermined amount of money - $20 seems to be the accepted standard – in cash. A good coordinator will also plan a debrief at a local restaurant or pub, doubling the evening’s benefit to the community.

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The Nitty-Gritty of PCI Compliance - credit card data security

I get calls often about PCI DSS (also called PCI Compliance) which boils down to the regulations that all merchants who accept credit card transactions follow to be sure they’re best protecting their customer’s credit card data. While these standards have been in place since 2005, my sharing of this information with business owners often comes as a surprise. Apart from the cost to merchants and roll-out efforts, it will take continued education and open-mindedness by business owners to recognize the gravity of credit card security as well as the large possible infractions for breaches (maximums around $250,000/breach/month) which can be paralyzing to most businesses.

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Grocery Stores Lag Behind M-Commerce Trend

We all know the drill - and either love it or hate it. But going to the grocery store is a fact of modern life, even if you are a denizen of the local farmers' market or a committed CSA subscriber. Industry-wide adoption of m-commerce (mobile commerce) has been slow to non-existent, yet opportunities exist to focus on the grocery customer who is smart phone savvy. So listen up Austin-based national organic chain and all those regional chains who compete of the barest of margins - here are three ideas to bring m-commerce customers into your stores.

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