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#DineSmall: Restaurants Join Small Business Saturday

SBA and National Resaurant Association partner to spotlight locally woned restaurants. It took five years for the Small Business Administration (SBA) to recognize the value of locally owned restaurants and the role they play in creating and supporting a community’s economy. #DineSmall was created by the SBA in partnership with the National Restaurant Association to promote restaurants on the Saturday after Thanksgiving – Small Business Saturday.


A review on Twitter revealed few menus and few special offerings. The SBA and its local affiliates dominated the tweets on #ShowUsYourMenu much the same as they did on #DineSmall with the addition of numerous high profile politicians tweeting in.


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Small Business Saturday: Highlighting the Value of Local

Credit card companies find merit in promoting small business with web sophistocation beyond most small business' reach. Five years ago, the Small Business Agency (SBA) partnered with American Express (AmEx) to highlight small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Coming on the heels of Black Friday, the single largest shopping day of the year, Small Business Saturday gives local merchants a way to be more visible as they launch the holiday shopping season.

AmEx, positioning itself as a friend of small business, devotes a substantial portion of its website to listing partners, including Bing, Yelp, EventBrite, and FedEx for 2014. AmEx returns a small rebate to its cardholders on purchases made on Small Business Saturday.

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Equine Veterinary Care

Equine Veterinary Care is a race horse practice located at the Fair Hill Training Center. The practice and Training Center have both developed into leading resources for Thoroughbred Racing training in North America.

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Having a Veterinary Practice and Life

Fair Hill Training Center was love at first sight!  When I drove through the entrance in February 1992, I was 6 months pregnant and beginning to feel the need to settle in to raise this new person who would soon arrive.

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Experiences During Vet School Paved the Way For My Career

People I met during Veterinary School, externships and travel Created basis for my first veterinary jobs. They in turn helped me decide what type of career practice I wanted to be part of.

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The 7 Most Common Mistakes That Could Be Keeping Your Business From Getting To The Top This Year

Nothing beats having your own business, being your own boss, and having the power to make things happen.  But with it come great responsibility and a degree of irreplaceability as everyone looks to you for solutions.You know you have it in you to take your company to the next level. But when you’re dealing with so many fires to put out, there’s no wonder you’re facing challenges moving your business to the next level. It’s hard to provide the strategic leadership and implementation needed to achieve your goals.


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Tired of New Hires That Turned Out Just Like the One You Fired?

“Bank employee steals a million, 2 SBC employees found stealing.” Certainly not something anyone wants to go down in company history for, and be remembered for eternity as the person responsible for that hire. Well, at least, not intentionally. It often makes you wonder what could possibly have gone wrong in the recruiting process and what might have prevented something like this from happening. Generally, it isn’t the big things that get overlooked because we’ve prepared adequately for them but more often, the little ones that get right past our eyes.

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Why Are Consultants So Expensive?

As all businesses are turning more to frelance workers and consultants, there is sometines sticker shock at the costs. Here are some ideas for consultants trying to figure out how to price service and some guidelines for those uning consulting services.

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Look Beyond the Bad Luck

Make disaster planning part of your business process

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