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10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Reputation

Pop quiz: What form of currency never fluctuates with the market?


Answer? Your reputation.


Your actions + what others say about you = your reputation. This small formula is the most powerful leverage you have in business — and in life, for that matter.


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Teamwork 101

Recently, on a trip to Masai Mara, I had the opportunity to watch lionesses of a pride go on a kill and take down a zebra. Yes, like what you might see on the Discovery channel except it was happening live; very much live. What struck me most was the exceptional teamwork and coordination involved in the process.  I couldn’t help thinking how well these creatures of the wild work as a team and how we, the superior species could really relearn some lessons in cooperation from them. Here were the top 7 refresher lessons on teamwork for me:

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Don’t Misinterpret the Signs

Sometimes it really does take a meteor passing through the skies to get one to pause, look up, and change course (aka run). Fortunately, turning your sales team around doesn’t require quite such a drastic event, and is fairly less complicated in the grand scheme of the universe. So when unfriendly sparks like these flash by: “Sales are down,” “I am frustrated with the sales team’s level of activity,” “they’re just not hitting their sales targets,” take a deep breath, refrain from jumping into the “lousy salesperson syndrome” and ask these 8 vital, but highly overlooked, questions before you change course. The voice in your head may have some suggestions for you along the way.

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Start With Why

No matter what you do, selling is a critical component to your company’s success. Whether or not you directly interface with traditional ‘sales’, simply in describing your practices to others, you’re ‘selling’ the idea of what you do. But, in so doing, do you explain why you do it?

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