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Why Are Consultants So Expensive?

As all businesses are turning more to frelance workers and consultants, there is sometines sticker shock at the costs. Here are some ideas for consultants trying to figure out how to price service and some guidelines for those uning consulting services.

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Teamwork 101

Recently, on a trip to Masai Mara, I had the opportunity to watch lionesses of a pride go on a kill and take down a zebra. Yes, like what you might see on the Discovery channel except it was happening live; very much live. What struck me most was the exceptional teamwork and coordination involved in the process.  I couldn’t help thinking how well these creatures of the wild work as a team and how we, the superior species could really relearn some lessons in cooperation from them. Here were the top 7 refresher lessons on teamwork for me:

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The Sales Murder Mystery

Are you serious about killing sales performance in your organization? Here are the top 10 fool proof methods for killing your sales team’s performance.

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