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Health Informatics – My Current Focus

I spent a year in Arizona, during which time I worked very hard studying in more depth the issues about logistics and transportation that I had started studying during my doctoral thesis.I also had the opportunity to deepen my collaboration with my colleagues at the Department of Geography and Geo-Information Science at George Mason University. I started to work on completely different issues with them, participating as a consultant on a project that brought me closer to issues in health care and, in particular, to the system used in the U.S. for allocating organs for transplantation.

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Work Experience Opened New Interest

During my time working for the Rome Agency for the Preparation of the Jubilee Year 2000, I had changed my mind again: the desire to continue to study and investigate similar research problems was ripe inside me.  I started to study again, and I won a fellowship for a PhD in Operations Research at the University of Rome La Sapienza.

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Operations Researcher

I am an Assistant Professor of Operations Research at the University of Salerno in Italy, and I am currently working on a two year assignment as a researcher at the Georgia Tech Institute for People and Technology. But that's not how it started out. My story tells of a path that is tortuous and far from linear.

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Becomming a Forensic Scientist

I went back to school to study Forensic Science after returning from the Peace Corps.  My original intention was to take a course or two to see how I liked it, but I liked it so much that I decided to take a couple of classes per semester in the evenings until I received my degree. 

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My name is Juliet Wood

I became a forensic scientist before CSI was cool and when Patricia Cornwell’s books were still a good read.  How did I get here?  In a roundabout way.  Here is my story about a career in a STEM field.

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How I Got to My Career

There were times when doing what was necessary to support myself and proceed with my education was halting and difficult. The untimate result was not always clear. However, a series of systematic steps led to how I came to be a woman in a STEM field.

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College and Life

During college life grew complicated and my original vision needed to be altered.

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Moving Toward My Career In A STEM Field

How I came to be a CDC scientist. There were serveral steps that I'll explain over a series of blogs here. While my journey in my PhD and my job at the CDC my not be the typical route I would not change it for anything.  This journey allowed me to grow as a person (and mother) and to truly understand what I enjoyed doing in life. 

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