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All Amendments Created Equal

Voters must hold your elected officials accountable for public policy action that comprehensively addresses the intersection of rights, mental illness and weapon possession. The status quo is unacceptable and our elected leaders must understand that reality. Interdisciplinary cooperation between those charged with law enforcement and those who provide services to the mentally ill has to be supported by integrated public policy. Only then can intervention reduce the risk of lethal violent outbursts from those suffering from mental illness. This is going got infringe on “rights” and increase health care costs. But these monies should be measured the dear costs of those in Newtown, CT, Colorado or yet to occur massacres in public space.

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We Have to Diminish the Lethality

We must hold our elected officials accountable for leading public policy discussion, action, and comprehensive progress toward addressing mass violence in our community space. The tragedy of the school shootings in Connecticut has muted partisan rhetoric for a few days. Now is the time to require our elected officials to step back from politics, pause incessant campaigning, mute special interest groups and stop fundraising until the policy addressing mass violence is enacted.

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