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Exploring the Freelance Economy Across Generations

Approximately 14 million jobs vanished in the wake of the 2008 economic meltdown. While many layoffs were directly tied to an overall decline in business and decreased corporate revenues, there were a certain number that resulted from a desire to shrink the labor force.Many people have had to shift to frelancing.

Most of the articles written about the Freelance Economy focus on the freedom enjoyed by the freelance worker: the freedom to work when and how they want, for whom they want and from any place they choose. Yet there can be a great deal of "free", non-billable time spent generating the work opportunities needed to pay our bills. There is true opportunity for those who fighre out how to fit their skills to a specific task rather that selling blocks of time.

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What Skills Does A Small Business Need From A New Hire?

Employers with an eye on future are looking to new hires with new technology skills. Those organizations that will thrive during the anticipated slow recovery will be those which embrace the emerging and rapidly developing technologies associated with the interactive internet. Post recession businesses will conduct major portions of their development, marketing, sales, ordering, product and services acquisition and delivery as well as communication on the web. Leadership based on collaborative working groups enables utilization of the best talent (from anywhere in the world) and is rapidly decreasing development time and costs.

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The Work / Life Balance and Productivity

As a card-carrying work-a-holic, I've had to come to bold realizations about the value of work/life balance. Particularly, as one who runs a business from home, it reminds me of those good-old college days when you lived, worked, and ate in your dorm room, thus resulting in little to no separation of work and personal life. A messy, blurry reality that oftentimes carries into our adult lives. Even though I'm a young professional, I've learned some tough lessons about burnout early on.

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