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Inmate Reentry

There is no silver lining to the US clouds of over incarceration and the failure to create a meaningful mental health services system. Politicians have been astoundingly silent about the inevitable result of reducing prison expenditures on the mentally ill individuals that make up a majority of that population.

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Reducing Incarcerating Numbers: Unintended Consequences

In the US there are two liming issues that will result from decreasing the prison population: the first is that most jails and prisons do little to aid inmates with reentry to society from correctional facilities. With increased numbers of inmates are released the known reentry problems will increases. If resources are not found to aid in these issues, known problems will increase (substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment, infectious diseases, reintroduction to families and relationships). The issue is the reality that mentally ill citizens represent a disproportionally high number of incarcerated individuals.

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