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We Elected Them

A few months into President Obama’s first term Republican leaders in Congress openly stated that their #1 goal was to deny him a second term. In the process, they denied the American electorate a functioning government. Nice work! Yet the Republican leadership could not have caused the divide without many legislators and citizens drawing ideological lines in the sand. While the goal of denying Obama a second term failed, we are stuck with the residual ideologically rigid non-functioning government that has yet to step up to the task of functionally addressing the country’s problem.

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Early-Voting Laws Contested

As of September 23rd, voters in 25 states will be able to vote before the November 6 election. By the end of the month, early voting will be possible in 30 states. However, in some states last minute partisan legal battles are raging about when and how early voting can occur. These cases are only a subset of over a dozen state and federal cases recently decided and appealed concerning voter identification requirements, early voting, and provisional ballots.

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Economy's impact on voting rates

Voters who generally ignore presidential elections are active during poor economic times. The US Census Bureau breaks down the reasons why people did not vote from time conflict, illness, difficulty in registering and not interested. t has been interesting over the last two weeks to see the onslaught of Facebook posting on the elections during the conventions and a couple people deciding not to logon for the past two weeks to avoid it.

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