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7 Reasons To Barter In This Or Any Economy!

Barter is simply the trading of goods or services for other goods or services with no cash involvement. To promote bartering and make it easier for companies to interact, barter exchanges were established. These systems enable bartering to be taken to a new level by offering "barter credits" which are used like cash within that specific network. When you "sell" something you get paid in barter credits which you can then use to "pay" for something from another vendor if necessary or bank until needed at a future time.

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The Nitty-Gritty of PCI Compliance - credit card data security

I get calls often about PCI DSS (also called PCI Compliance) which boils down to the regulations that all merchants who accept credit card transactions follow to be sure they’re best protecting their customer’s credit card data. While these standards have been in place since 2005, my sharing of this information with business owners often comes as a surprise. Apart from the cost to merchants and roll-out efforts, it will take continued education and open-mindedness by business owners to recognize the gravity of credit card security as well as the large possible infractions for breaches (maximums around $250,000/breach/month) which can be paralyzing to most businesses.

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