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Feasibility research - not just for big companies any more

Entrepreneurs are a passionate lot, committed to their vision. Small business or companies with a single product line generally tightly focused on the assets of their product and mastering the complexity of production and distribution. While it is essential to master execution, few products succeed that do not actually contribute to the solution of the customers’ problem. If a small company only focuses on the realities of production to the relative exclusion of consumer need/wants, it will likely fail.

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Inventor's Dilema

Recently a potential client contacted us about a new product he was interested in bringing to market. He wanted to know the size of the market in the US and who the top manufacturers were. He commented that he didn’t believe that at the end the market study he would know anything more than he had already found on the web. That response was somewhat of a surprising to us as he had done quite a lot of web research and approached RDA after being unable to obtain the numbers he sought. It is likely that his specific questions about the number of units sold and the top manufactures were being requested of him for a business plan necessary for financing.

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How to open an international market for your products

These business-to-business matchmaking conferences are places government agencies and large corporations gather with smaller organizations to describe their contract needs and bid processes. The purpose is to match small and diversity businesses with federal, state, and local government agencies as well as with large corporations that have actual contract opportunities. The goal is to stimulate jobs and growth for small businesses. In addition to matchmaking opportunities, business owners will have access to expert small business advisers and procurement specialists. Here is an example of one such matchmaking event.

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Sales Opportunities With Decision Makers

Facilitate business between businesses and government organizations. Finding a match for you products and services in an international market. Government and small business meet decision makers. Individuals found solutions for joint production of a product or service, direct sales opportunities with a decision maker on site, and valuable insights into the trends in various industry sectors through the conference.

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