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Introducing Women In STEM Fields

To explore how a dozen women got to their STEM careers, Research Design Associates will host 12 guest bloggers. They are women (mostly under 40) who will tell their stories of how they came to their careers in STEM fields. Their stories vary widely. The career paths are often hauling, changing and surprising. Each of these women made her way before government initiatives, through a wide variety of educational paths. I think you’ll find them interesting. I’m sure you’ll find their stories inspiring. Perhaps they will provide models to other women seeking a career in STEM fields.

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Tired of New Hires That Turned Out Just Like the One You Fired?

“Bank employee steals a million, 2 SBC employees found stealing.” Certainly not something anyone wants to go down in company history for, and be remembered for eternity as the person responsible for that hire. Well, at least, not intentionally. It often makes you wonder what could possibly have gone wrong in the recruiting process and what might have prevented something like this from happening. Generally, it isn’t the big things that get overlooked because we’ve prepared adequately for them but more often, the little ones that get right past our eyes.

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Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

They say, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ and this speaks to the power of habit. The older we get, the more set in our ways we remain. This only adds to my point that the older we get, the harder it is to trend away from the lessons of our childhood to ‘not fail’ and find whatever means are necessary to ‘succeed’. What some of us realize is that ‘to succeed’ in the professional world by maintaining a paying job in-and-of-itself doesn’t always equate to satisfaction. If one chooses to move from that path of perceived success to the world of the entrepreneur, where ‘failure’ becomes a much more likely possibility, it’s challenging to believe in yourself, face the fear, and more so, to overcome the hesitations and questions of your support system who generally were also raised to fear ‘failure’

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How can a small business find and afford the best new employee?

Employers have several opportunities to “test drive” a potential new hire. Savvy out-of-work individuals with experience and skills the organization needs have repackaged themselves as consultants that can be hired on a project basis. That way they can demonstrate their value without becoming an ongoing expense as the economy starts back up. Companies are joining with educational institutions. Educational institutions need practical experience for their students as much as companies need input on how to reinvent themselves in this brave now internet marketplace. Some of the graduates of IT programs who lack substantive work experience in their fields have had difficulty finding the work they trained for. Education and training programs that include structured internships can help overcome this problem.

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The Small Bank Mess

My business career has reached from loan officer in a regional bank through being a successful single family home developer to now attempting to create jobs and jump start sales of first time homes. Fortunately my thinking has led me to be just ahead of the market.

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