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Keystone XL Pipeline in Changing Times

With the turn in the US election the Keystone Pipeline is back on the agenda for the start of the next Congressional session in January 2015.  Unfortunately the economics that drove this process when it was first announced have changed dramatically.  The Canadian Government after extreme frustration without passing Keystone earlier has explored other routes.  Most of the pipeline has been or will be built and operated in any case.

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Meet all of Georgia's International Trade Reps

Georgia has 10 trade offices across the globe that develop and coordinate trade and investment with Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the rest of the Americas. This gathering will include the State of Georgia’s representatives from Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Europe (Munich, Germany), Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the United Kingdom. They will host a seminar and a networking reception. If you are exploring one of these countries, what a great chance to gain firsthand information on countries that you may be exploring to expand your business. Or if you are currently in-country and have not connected with these representatives, it is an excellent opportunity to do so.

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Business Matchmaking Between Southern States and Canadian Provinces

Time to start planning to be part of Southeast United States and Canadian (SEUS-Canada). Over the last four years I attended the partnership held in Newfoundland, Mississippi, New Brunswick and South Carolina. This effort was put together to facilitate business between the states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee with the provinces of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Quebec. There are two components: a conference with seminars on leading trends in one of the three targeted sectors and business-to-business meetings among companies in those different sectors. The previous sectors were advance manufacturing, IT, and energy.

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Favorable Market Factors in Saudi Arabia

Business friendly opportunities for American businesses to expand. Even if you establish a sales and distribution office, 50% of the salaries can be covered by the Kingdom. This begins to establish a reasonable risk for a business looking to expand their market overseas

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Saudi Arabia has continued economic growth

Recently Saudi Arabia again touted its continued economic growth during a seminar in the UK. Opportunities are in the housing sector. The Kingdom projects a shortage in housing of 1.2 million homes. To alleviate the shortage the Kingdom has allocated $1.2 billion for the construction of 500,000 homes this coming year. Comparing this to the United States it is little less than a month supply of new homes in the entire country. Considering the size and density of the country this is very robust growth rate.

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Are you a small business thinking about exporting?

There are two excellent government sites to help you get started on the road to exporting if you are an US business.. The first is which has a number of tools to help you assess if you are ready to export and Export University 101 that have a number of useful information on product readiness, planning and market research as well as regulatory compliance. Export Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) is a government agency task with financial supporting these efforts. The Ex-Im Bank of is the official export credit agency of the United States.

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Web sales level playing field for small companies

In looking at Internet sales the top markets are The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and Australia. You will need to setup your shopping cart to accept the currency of the country you are selling into. Additionally you should generate some standard rates to cover international shipping charges that include any duties. Use an established logistics company to warehouse your product in country for a fee and then ship directly to the client.

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Business is booming in Saudi Arabia

The three-day forum discussed opportunities for greater economic collaboration between the US and Saudi Arabia and provided an unparalleled business networking environment. The energy, education, medical sectors as well as woman owned business markets. All are experiencing dynamic growth and providing real opportunity for US businesses able to partner in these markets.

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Steps toward developeveloping new and international markets

Growing new markets is a key component to future revenues. Finding new vertical markets and developing then strategically. Assessing international market opportunities and obtaining assistance from state trade representatives. Steps to access state support for exports.

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Inventor ’s Choice

What do inverters want? (Good return on their investment and minimal risk). What do inventors want? (Sell lots of the product and make a bunch of money). What's the optimal market for the product? (That's where market research comes in). Successfully addressing these 3 questions are a good basis for finding the bring a new product to market. It has never been easy, but it is harder with finance organizations currently being so risk averse.

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