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Introducing Women In STEM Fields

To explore how a dozen women got to their STEM careers, Research Design Associates will host 12 guest bloggers. They are women (mostly under 40) who will tell their stories of how they came to their careers in STEM fields. Their stories vary widely. The career paths are often hauling, changing and surprising. Each of these women made her way before government initiatives, through a wide variety of educational paths. I think you’ll find them interesting. I’m sure you’ll find their stories inspiring. Perhaps they will provide models to other women seeking a career in STEM fields.

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Business Incubators: Growing Healthy Start-Ups

Thinking about starting a business? Get past the excitement of selling that perfect product or making it big in your market sector, and get down to what it takes to get a business up and running: space (garages and dorm rooms are fine but have their limitations), a business plan and the marketing savvy that goes along with it, technology basics, and that critical element of financing. Pulling those pieces together can be emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting, and potentially lethal to all but the hardiest of innovators.

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