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7 Steps To Start Teaching Your Kids About Money Now

When a child is born, no parent ever thinks to themselves, “I sure hope he/she grows up with no sense of personal financial responsibility.” Few parents teach their children about money actively. Here’s the problem: Whether or not you actively teach your kids about money, they’re learning from the world around them. Want to take the reins and teach them proactively, or let your actions and the world’s examples concerning money be their teacher? Here are 7 straightforward tips for teaching your children about money (as early as they can read).

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Are you a small business thinking about exporting?

There are two excellent government sites to help you get started on the road to exporting if you are an US business.. The first is which has a number of tools to help you assess if you are ready to export and Export University 101 that have a number of useful information on product readiness, planning and market research as well as regulatory compliance. Export Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) is a government agency task with financial supporting these efforts. The Ex-Im Bank of is the official export credit agency of the United States.

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Barter Goes Racing with NASCAR Sponsorship

The weekend was a big jump for barter banking, we made our first foray into the NASCAR market bartering for title sponsorship of the No. 10 Tommy Baldwin Racing Chevrolet of David Reutiman. The entire sponsorship deal was completed on trade and was brokered by Tradebank. This was an amazing experience for us because barter banking garnered a great deal of exposure to NASCAR fans, who are known for their loyalty and sponsorship support, and we did it all on trade.

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Don’t Write Off or Write Down That Excess Inventory This Year End!

Many businesses face difficult decisions at the end of every year to write off excess or aged inventory in an effort to have the financial statements accurately reflect the financial position of that inventory. Don’t take that financial hit this year! You have alternatives that will not impact your balance sheet or income statement at all. You have the opportunity to take those assets that have been a balance sheet headache and trade or barter them for prepaid assets such as media. There are many corporate barter exchanges that make trades like these every day and it is an absolute win-win for all parties involved.

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Inventor's Dilema

Recently a potential client contacted us about a new product he was interested in bringing to market. He wanted to know the size of the market in the US and who the top manufacturers were. He commented that he didn’t believe that at the end the market study he would know anything more than he had already found on the web. That response was somewhat of a surprising to us as he had done quite a lot of web research and approached RDA after being unable to obtain the numbers he sought. It is likely that his specific questions about the number of units sold and the top manufactures were being requested of him for a business plan necessary for financing.

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Delay wastes monetary resources (interest payments) and even worse, we lose the ability to get “our ox out of the ditch” and to get ahead of our competitors (opportunity cost). In my opinion, lost opportunity is the real crime because it never comes back. We must move on. In a world that is changing in exponential dimensions with emerging economic power houses, dwindling resources, out-sourcing of American jobs, population explosions, unstable governments, terrorist concerns… We need new ideas - a new road map. My business model is broken, the fundamentals are there, but what are my buyers thinking? Answers for the future are not always the tried and true ones we all used forever.

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Exporting to Developing Countries

Sourcing goods and services across the globe was to bring them to the US for sale. Now with a continuing weakening dollar it is time to search the US for goods and services to sell in developing markets. Grow your business internationally. Support finding ind international markets.

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Fool me once...

"I'm sorry, I've just been burned too many times before to make any changes." Even though I'm in a shadier industry than most, I'd imagine I'm not the only one who hears this excuse when trying to forge new relationships with businesses. I often say my ideal client is someone who's been burned in the past by a competitor because it helps them to see my value. But, there's always the flip side: the reality that the person who's been burned was actually torched, or run through the coals one time too many.

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I Need A Loan

What do I need to do to get a loan and what bank can I trust? Looking for a new bank is a lot like the “dating” game and the ”vetting” process is often long, awkward and may involve several/many banks. You need to find a good personality match as your banker is your “salesman” who takes your case. Start where you are already known, preferably where you have an existing banking relationship, provided it is a “healthy” bank .

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My Comfortable Banking Relationships

When asked to participate in this blog I was asked to write about my knowledge of and experiences with lending and borrowing money, I had to laugh. This subject is broader than it is long, deeper than it is wide, and changes daily. The only consistent answer that I can muster is if you absolutely, positively, do NOT need the loan, you have a 75% chance of success.

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