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Moving or Expanding Your Company

This past season we worked with a firm that was interested in expanding its operations into Georgia. As always the first step is to define the markets for the firm in the new location. A firm needs to sort out the market share and opportunity that the new location is expected to provide and to understand the fit between workforce needs of the business and workforce assets of the new location. Once the choice of locations can be narrowed to a list of two or three locations, then a firm should explore the tax incentives of each state.

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Navigating the new small bussiness banking world

Understand today's lending process is different and will probably never be like it used to be in the days or easy money. We have literally witnessed the exodus of decades of business traditions and the overnight installation of a new sheriff. Banking is a business built on promises. The bank promises to loan an amount of money for a given time. You promise to pay based upon a schedule. With all of the defaulted loans over the last several years, bankers are gun shy and really don’t care if you “pinky promise” or threaten to “stick a needle in your eye”. They only want results that can be substantiated with cold hard numbers that they can verify.

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Inventor's Dilema

Recently a potential client contacted us about a new product he was interested in bringing to market. He wanted to know the size of the market in the US and who the top manufacturers were. He commented that he didn’t believe that at the end the market study he would know anything more than he had already found on the web. That response was somewhat of a surprising to us as he had done quite a lot of web research and approached RDA after being unable to obtain the numbers he sought. It is likely that his specific questions about the number of units sold and the top manufactures were being requested of him for a business plan necessary for financing.

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