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Keystone XL Pipeline in Changing Times

With the turn in the US election the Keystone Pipeline is back on the agenda for the start of the next Congressional session in January 2015.  Unfortunately the economics that drove this process when it was first announced have changed dramatically.  The Canadian Government after extreme frustration without passing Keystone earlier has explored other routes.  Most of the pipeline has been or will be built and operated in any case.

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Are you a small business thinking about exporting?

There are two excellent government sites to help you get started on the road to exporting if you are an US business.. The first is which has a number of tools to help you assess if you are ready to export and Export University 101 that have a number of useful information on product readiness, planning and market research as well as regulatory compliance. Export Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) is a government agency task with financial supporting these efforts. The Ex-Im Bank of is the official export credit agency of the United States.

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Web sales level playing field for small companies

In looking at Internet sales the top markets are The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and Australia. You will need to setup your shopping cart to accept the currency of the country you are selling into. Additionally you should generate some standard rates to cover international shipping charges that include any duties. Use an established logistics company to warehouse your product in country for a fee and then ship directly to the client.

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Saudi Arabia Has Real Business Opportunities

There are some real business opportunities for companies in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has approximately 26 million people and that is anticipated to reach 50 million people in the next 25 years. The Saudi government has committed over $625 billion in expansion. When entering a new market it is important to know the business environment. Take the time to learn the culture and understand the geopolitics of the region from Saudi Arabia’s perspective.

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Steps toward developeveloping new and international markets

Growing new markets is a key component to future revenues. Finding new vertical markets and developing then strategically. Assessing international market opportunities and obtaining assistance from state trade representatives. Steps to access state support for exports.

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How to open an international market for your products

These business-to-business matchmaking conferences are places government agencies and large corporations gather with smaller organizations to describe their contract needs and bid processes. The purpose is to match small and diversity businesses with federal, state, and local government agencies as well as with large corporations that have actual contract opportunities. The goal is to stimulate jobs and growth for small businesses. In addition to matchmaking opportunities, business owners will have access to expert small business advisers and procurement specialists. Here is an example of one such matchmaking event.

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