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Are you a small business thinking about exporting?

There are two excellent government sites to help you get started on the road to exporting if you are an US business.. The first is which has a number of tools to help you assess if you are ready to export and Export University 101 that have a number of useful information on product readiness, planning and market research as well as regulatory compliance. Export Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) is a government agency task with financial supporting these efforts. The Ex-Im Bank of is the official export credit agency of the United States.

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Retargeting Online Display Ads

Retargeting substantially increases the value of advertising, build brand awareness and retains the targeted visitors' eyes after they have left your site. This value added ad extension prolongs your ad message and increases its value. It is another interesting tool for enhancing the impact of targeted online advertising. Basically it allows an online display ad to act like search words and to track post-click activity. This process sets up post-click conversion potential for a display ad that had previously only been possible with search marketing.

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Web Content: The Great Business Equalizer

If you ask a small business owner about competing with the legacy business with 4,000 employees and unlimited marketing budget, you’re likely to hear that that they can’t and won’t compete in that space. What all small businesses need to know is that the Web in all its forms is as much available to them as it is to the ‘big guys’. The key is to use the Web tools that will generate market share. Here’s a quick look at the tools and strategies that make that possible.

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Horse vets in the cloud

My goal was to demystify what moving to the cloud might mean for them short and long term. Short term there’s enormous opportunity for ambulatory medicine; real time access to medical records and billing, current research and in depth medical information, communication with clients and collaboration with a world of colleagues. Long term, it is where business will be conducted.

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Business communications, social networking, leadership and concentrated creative thought

He warned that multitasking, immediacy and constant interruption may be the enemy of solitude, concentration and long stretches of time without distraction or interruption are essential to formulate ideas, to think flexibly, creatively, and independently. And yet the impact of technologies on complex collaborative problem solving, rapid access to information and the sparking of innovative ideas among those with a collective vision can generate remarkable knowledge. How do we accomplish these focused actions and interactions while adapting to the new socially networked norms? Older brains (or those on the grey side of the digital divide) are going to have to adapt to the opportunity if their institutional memory is going to be reliant to the future.

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Banner Ads - The Pesky Reality of the Internet

Advertisers considering the mobile market will need to sharpen their strategy because mobile users won’t want to pay network charges for ads that don't interest them. Local based marketing sounds good in theory – use the GPS location of the mobile device to offer ads for businesses in the immediate area. But how many times do you want to see the grocery store ad when you're headed for the drug store? Push commerce – where ads are sent to the mobile device either through a subscription service or through local based marketing is a relic of the current technology. Pull commerce where mobile users decide what they want to see (and are willing to pay for!) challenges marketing and IT departments to work collaboratively.

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Online Business Etiquette

I’ve received your emails and was too busy to answer. I genuinely believe it’s rude to ignore someone’s email if you know who they are.Generally speaking, younger people grew up with computers and smart phones and as a result are glued to our devices. Therefore, not only will we respond to emails, but we will do so almost immediately. It seems that older generations tend to sit on emails for longer and/or not respond at all. Whether it’s his/her perception of prioritization or lack of importance, this tends to be the result.

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What Skills Does A Small Business Need From A New Hire?

Employers with an eye on future are looking to new hires with new technology skills. Those organizations that will thrive during the anticipated slow recovery will be those which embrace the emerging and rapidly developing technologies associated with the interactive internet. Post recession businesses will conduct major portions of their development, marketing, sales, ordering, product and services acquisition and delivery as well as communication on the web. Leadership based on collaborative working groups enables utilization of the best talent (from anywhere in the world) and is rapidly decreasing development time and costs.

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Doing Web 1.0 Better

My business is small - it's local - it's personal, so e-business doesn't fit my business model. Alas ecommerce has to be part of you long term business strategy. Some ideas for making your web 1.0 site work harder for you. You don't have to compete with every deep pocketed international company. No need to miss out on the power of your web investment.

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