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Using Big Data To Create Value

One source of Big Data with broad implications for any company is tracking how people use your website. The path they follow, how many times they frequent a page, or search more deeply for answers is of value to your company but may also be useful to others. While another company’s data may not have great value by itself, but when aggregate with another data base, becomes extremely valuable.

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Feasibility research - not just for big companies any more

Entrepreneurs are a passionate lot, committed to their vision. Small business or companies with a single product line generally tightly focused on the assets of their product and mastering the complexity of production and distribution. While it is essential to master execution, few products succeed that do not actually contribute to the solution of the customers’ problem. If a small company only focuses on the realities of production to the relative exclusion of consumer need/wants, it will likely fail.

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Creating the Customer Experience

Start with the idea that to be successful, the business has to learn to be attractive to customers. Business which understands the value of a customer experience and create an inverted funnel, where the customer becomes the center of an on-going, two-way conversation. His concept of ‘sticky’ marketing as underpining customer engagement, where the goods or service become interesting rather than being tied to a purchase.

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