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Big Data Big Challange Big Oppportunity

There are several real consequences of Big data accessibility. There has yet to be a democratization of Big data so that the power of that information is available to small and mid-sized organizations. While the younger generations of business, science, non-profits and public policy communities are better champions of data based collaborative engagement, there is little access to this information. The cultural change necessary to utilize data at all levels of decision making in preference to “gut” feelings or “in my experience” of senior management has yet to occur. So for the moment Big data is simply unavailable to any but the largest organizations for real-time decision making. For the US to maintain market leadership a solution has to be developed. The divide between organizational manager experience and rapidly evolving information has to be bridged if entrepreneurial success is going to thrive.

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So what do Football and Sales have in common?

Just like your favorite football team, your sales team’s performance is greatly dependent on how well you lay out the game strategy for your team. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that your team’s performance is not important. Your team has to be good enough to even qualify for the playoffs before they can win the game. But to get to the top, you need a combination of great sales people and, an even better sales strategy.

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Atlanta Great Logistics Value

Companies in need of logistics in the southeast are still finding Atlanta a great value. Companies that are in the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost effective flow of raw materials, inventory, finished goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption are moving their goods through Atlanta. There is easy and cost effective access to air, rail, truck and ship transport. An experienced labor force, extensive logistics infrastructure and warehousing and to the state's incentives to create new business combine to make Atlanta a good place to do logistics.

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Business is booming in Saudi Arabia

The three-day forum discussed opportunities for greater economic collaboration between the US and Saudi Arabia and provided an unparalleled business networking environment. The energy, education, medical sectors as well as woman owned business markets. All are experiencing dynamic growth and providing real opportunity for US businesses able to partner in these markets.

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My bank went bust

Much to my chagrin I found out that MY small local bank failed last Friday. was interested in a bank serving the local community and accountable to it in preference to multinational investors. I’m a bit stuck on real estate loans backed by land and not multiply sold paper. I remain troubled by the creation of the image of wealth or security in the absence of that value during the housing bubble. No I’m not harking back to the gold standard. We do need new financial vehicles. However I want my checking account, credit card and debit card fees to reflect the cost of those transaction, not to be building a pool of money to drive risky Wall Street commoditized investments.

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Grocery Stores Lag Behind M-Commerce Trend

We all know the drill - and either love it or hate it. But going to the grocery store is a fact of modern life, even if you are a denizen of the local farmers' market or a committed CSA subscriber. Industry-wide adoption of m-commerce (mobile commerce) has been slow to non-existent, yet opportunities exist to focus on the grocery customer who is smart phone savvy. So listen up Austin-based national organic chain and all those regional chains who compete of the barest of margins - here are three ideas to bring m-commerce customers into your stores.

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Navigating the new small bussiness banking world

Understand today's lending process is different and will probably never be like it used to be in the days or easy money. We have literally witnessed the exodus of decades of business traditions and the overnight installation of a new sheriff. Banking is a business built on promises. The bank promises to loan an amount of money for a given time. You promise to pay based upon a schedule. With all of the defaulted loans over the last several years, bankers are gun shy and really don’t care if you “pinky promise” or threaten to “stick a needle in your eye”. They only want results that can be substantiated with cold hard numbers that they can verify.

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Inventor ’s Choice

What do inverters want? (Good return on their investment and minimal risk). What do inventors want? (Sell lots of the product and make a bunch of money). What's the optimal market for the product? (That's where market research comes in). Successfully addressing these 3 questions are a good basis for finding the bring a new product to market. It has never been easy, but it is harder with finance organizations currently being so risk averse.

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Your Loan – Lost in the “Global Cash Flow”

The concept is a borrower’s “Global Cash Flow”. The best way to understand your Global Cash Flow analysis is to picture an onion. TO get around this bloomin’ onion, most borrowers are creating containment circles around the borrowing entity to limit the never ending search for a problem. Assuming the borrower can repay the loan with adequate cash flow to spare, most companies have started looking at their corporate structure to head off any problems at the pass.

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The High Cost of Poor Quality Business Processes

I am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt leading process improvement projects across the company. As predicted by my instructors in the certification classes, I have also become a keen observer of processes outside of work. Guaranteed, a truck-sized process gap exists in each of these companies between payment processing and billing. It doesn't matter if the processes are in-house or out-sourced. What matters is that no one is watching the electronic payments – they come in silently – and communicating with billing. My bet is that the one company that has figured it out has marked my customer record so that when the bill is prepared, no envelope is included.

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