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Nonprofits Work on Donations, Services and Volunteers

What do these statistics tell us about the impact of individual giving and membership on nonprofits? Relative to volunteering there are generational differences between the baby boomers and later generations in their propensity to join organizations and what they expect from membership. While the percentage of volunteers remains consistent, expectations and reasons for volunteering are quite different in the younger more time pressed individuals. These younger members have different needs and communicate said in a substantially different way.


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Introducing Women In STEM Fields

To explore how a dozen women got to their STEM careers, Research Design Associates will host 12 guest bloggers. They are women (mostly under 40) who will tell their stories of how they came to their careers in STEM fields. Their stories vary widely. The career paths are often hauling, changing and surprising. Each of these women made her way before government initiatives, through a wide variety of educational paths. I think you’ll find them interesting. I’m sure you’ll find their stories inspiring. Perhaps they will provide models to other women seeking a career in STEM fields.

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Small Business Disproportionally Impacted By Global Warming

Weather events 2014 have grounded millions of people around the country like so many naughty teenagers. Many of us sit inside (if lucky) looking out on a hostile world lacking electric, water, heat and internet knowing it is temporary, but miserable none the less. Others are seing permenant drout and an accompanying 12 month wildfire season. Europe is experiencing record flooding. Whild these weather events are temporary, they are reoccuring with suficent frequeny that they can no longer be disnissed as "one offs".

How can small businesses plan and position thenselves to mitigate the impacts of extreme weather?


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Inmate Reentry

There is no silver lining to the US clouds of over incarceration and the failure to create a meaningful mental health services system. Politicians have been astoundingly silent about the inevitable result of reducing prison expenditures on the mentally ill individuals that make up a majority of that population.

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Reducing Incarcerating Numbers: Unintended Consequences

In the US there are two liming issues that will result from decreasing the prison population: the first is that most jails and prisons do little to aid inmates with reentry to society from correctional facilities. With increased numbers of inmates are released the known reentry problems will increases. If resources are not found to aid in these issues, known problems will increase (substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment, infectious diseases, reintroduction to families and relationships). The issue is the reality that mentally ill citizens represent a disproportionally high number of incarcerated individuals.

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Incorporating Social Media Analytics Into Market Positioning Strategy

For organization with large consumer audiences (governmental, not for profit and business) Social Media analytics can drive growth, attention and revenues. While asking the right questions for your organizations must ground these expenditures, there’s sound decision data readily available.

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Big Data Big Challange Big Oppportunity

There are several real consequences of Big data accessibility. There has yet to be a democratization of Big data so that the power of that information is available to small and mid-sized organizations. While the younger generations of business, science, non-profits and public policy communities are better champions of data based collaborative engagement, there is little access to this information. The cultural change necessary to utilize data at all levels of decision making in preference to “gut” feelings or “in my experience” of senior management has yet to occur. So for the moment Big data is simply unavailable to any but the largest organizations for real-time decision making. For the US to maintain market leadership a solution has to be developed. The divide between organizational manager experience and rapidly evolving information has to be bridged if entrepreneurial success is going to thrive.

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All Amendments Created Equal

Voters must hold your elected officials accountable for public policy action that comprehensively addresses the intersection of rights, mental illness and weapon possession. The status quo is unacceptable and our elected leaders must understand that reality. Interdisciplinary cooperation between those charged with law enforcement and those who provide services to the mentally ill has to be supported by integrated public policy. Only then can intervention reduce the risk of lethal violent outbursts from those suffering from mental illness. This is going got infringe on “rights” and increase health care costs. But these monies should be measured the dear costs of those in Newtown, CT, Colorado or yet to occur massacres in public space.

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We Have to Diminish the Lethality

We must hold our elected officials accountable for leading public policy discussion, action, and comprehensive progress toward addressing mass violence in our community space. The tragedy of the school shootings in Connecticut has muted partisan rhetoric for a few days. Now is the time to require our elected officials to step back from politics, pause incessant campaigning, mute special interest groups and stop fundraising until the policy addressing mass violence is enacted.

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