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Exploring the Freelance Economy Across Generations

Approximately 14 million jobs vanished in the wake of the 2008 economic meltdown. While many layoffs were directly tied to an overall decline in business and decreased corporate revenues, there were a certain number that resulted from a desire to shrink the labor force.Many people have had to shift to frelancing.

Most of the articles written about the Freelance Economy focus on the freedom enjoyed by the freelance worker: the freedom to work when and how they want, for whom they want and from any place they choose. Yet there can be a great deal of "free", non-billable time spent generating the work opportunities needed to pay our bills. There is true opportunity for those who fighre out how to fit their skills to a specific task rather that selling blocks of time.

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Budgeting Your Vision

Visioning is the cornerstone of every successful company. Your vision is the framework upon which you build a successful business.Creating a meaningful vision is essential to how you focus in the coming year. Your vision for your company is the process of putting a pricetag on what you want your company to be in the comming year.

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The Financial Dashboard and The Vital Few

One of the main challenges that business owners face is how to make timely and critical decisions to keep their companies growing and sustainable. When you know how to turn the data from your accounting systems into meaningful information, you set the stage for strategic thinking. The next step is to capture the information in a clear, concise presentation, so it’s easy to interpret and incorporate into the decision making process.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Numbers

The Problem: Most independent business owners don't even know what numbers they need; they don't know what they don't know. For many small and medium sized independently owned companies - owners struggle financially and emotionally for all the years they are in business. Many never achieve reliable cash flow. Others don’t know where their next customer, project or cash inflow is coming from. They have bookkeepers and CPAs. They have financial statements and file tax returns.

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Gail Margolies Reid

Gail M. Reid, CPA is the Financial Visibility Expert for Independent Business Owners.  After working at Arthur Andersen and 21 years of owning her own CPA firm in Atlanta, Georgia she now shares her expertise as a consultant, speaker and writer. Gail has advised hundreds of companies, from startup through exit strategies. She has extensive experience with foreign held U.S. companies as well as U.S. companies conducting business around the globe. Gail is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Cost Startups (Penguin, 2010).