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#DineSmall: Restaurants Join Small Business Saturday

SBA and National Resaurant Association partner to spotlight locally woned restaurants. It took five years for the Small Business Administration (SBA) to recognize the value of locally owned restaurants and the role they play in creating and supporting a community’s economy. #DineSmall was created by the SBA in partnership with the National Restaurant Association to promote restaurants on the Saturday after Thanksgiving – Small Business Saturday.


A review on Twitter revealed few menus and few special offerings. The SBA and its local affiliates dominated the tweets on #ShowUsYourMenu much the same as they did on #DineSmall with the addition of numerous high profile politicians tweeting in.


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Small Business Saturday: Highlighting the Value of Local

Credit card companies find merit in promoting small business with web sophistocation beyond most small business' reach. Five years ago, the Small Business Agency (SBA) partnered with American Express (AmEx) to highlight small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Coming on the heels of Black Friday, the single largest shopping day of the year, Small Business Saturday gives local merchants a way to be more visible as they launch the holiday shopping season.

AmEx, positioning itself as a friend of small business, devotes a substantial portion of its website to listing partners, including Bing, Yelp, EventBrite, and FedEx for 2014. AmEx returns a small rebate to its cardholders on purchases made on Small Business Saturday.

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Look Beyond the Bad Luck

Make disaster planning part of your business process

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Code for America: Making Government Data Accessible

Making a difference in local government. What happens when you unleash geek-level talent to tackle data-driven real-world problems in local government? Ask the 8 cities where Code for America Fellows and their city partners developed more than 25 applications to meet specific goals in 2012.

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Niche Businesses Survive the Recession

So much changed during the recession–many small businesses closed and never re-opened. But some hung on and are coming back stronger than ever. Two examples show how perseverance and strong business acumen helped two fledgling enterprises to profitability. Both are niche service providers who would normally have the odds against them: a concierge service and a food delivery service.

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The Way Forward for Charitable Organizations

A majority of charities can’t afford paid publicity, and the slow demise of newspapers makes it nearly impossible to get eye-catching unpaid space. Citing wildly successful turn-around campaigns in the for-profit sector for pork, milk and eggs, Pallotta wants to leverage that type of media campaign for the charitable sector. He is convinced that a well-researched national effort can, over time, change the public perception of these organizations.

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Changing the Charitable Paradigm - The Fundamental Inequality

Charitable giving in the United States has been a consistent 2 per cent of GDP for the last 20 years - in current dollars, that’s roughly $300 billion - a year. With the bulk of spending going to religious and educational organizations, charitable organizations working on the most critical needs are struggling

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The New Angels:Crowd Sourcing

In the past, budding entrepreneurs and artists struggled to find financing. Too small for angel investors, they often turned to family, friends, and credit cards to make the dream reality. When the financial crisis hit and it seemed that all that creativity would go dormant, a group of developers came to the rescue with Kickstarter: a crowd sourcing web site that in four short years has connected small project owners with investors backing them with small amounts of money.

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