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Nonprofits Work on Donations, Services and Volunteers

What do these statistics tell us about the impact of individual giving and membership on nonprofits? Relative to volunteering there are generational differences between the baby boomers and later generations in their propensity to join organizations and what they expect from membership. While the percentage of volunteers remains consistent, expectations and reasons for volunteering are quite different in the younger more time pressed individuals. These younger members have different needs and communicate said in a substantially different way.


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In 2015 Not-For-Profit Organizations Face A Brave New World

Most for-profit businesses have recognized that it is essential to do business differently post-recession in an Internet environment. Looking at the not-for-profit world it seems this lesson may not be so obvious. While the long hard road out of the 2008 recession may be close to ending for US companies, the path may extend substantially further for nonprofits.


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Reforming Eyewitness Identification

Since my last blog on eyewitness identification 3 years ago, there have been 40 new post-conviction DNA exonerations in the U.S.  That brings the total to 329 people proven innocent by DNA in this country.The Innocence Project reports that the true perpetrators have been identified in 140 (43%) of these DNA exoneration cases.

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Remembering Selma

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama, and of the passage of the Voting Rights Act. And this year marks the 27th anniversary of Research Design Associates’ (RDA) first voting rights case. RDA’s voting experts are working on an Alabama redistricting case now. A half-century after Bloody Sunday, the fight for the right to vote continues.

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