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Meditation Research Conference With Dalai Lama

In October 2010 at Emory University, researchers from around the country presented their meditation research findings to His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. At the turn of the century, the Tibetan Buddhist leader called for Western scientists to examine the impact of compassion meditation on health and this conference provided an opportunity for researchers and the Dalai Lama to discuss recent discoveries. My Emory research team has previously demonstrated that compassion meditation can reduce stress and inflammation, which are linked to serious illness including depression, cancer, and heart disease. At this conference, we reported the results of a study conducted this past summer that investigated the effects of meditation on the health of adolescents in foster care.

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Cheap Communications Cost Revolutionize Employee Collaberation and Productivity

Top down management of complexity is being transformed by networks and collaborative innovation in flatter organizational structures of social networks. Young tech savvy employees need management, but that management must be in tune with their skill, collaborative education and resistance to authority. Human productive capacity is the power of extended collaboration through the ability to work with anyone anywhere in the world who has the knowledge and skills a business needs. Learning organizations offer the opportunity to evolve the company, to educate and train employees to contribute at all levels and to move swiftly. There is an employment downside, there are employees who will lose if they do not keep pace.

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Managing the New Technology To Implement Organizational Strategy

Training for the new economy will be essential to improve and broaden skills to remain employable. While training and development programs used to teach new hires to perform a specific job, today’s training can update the skills and knowledge of established employees. Employees who are committed to adapting to the demands of the new economy will get in the habit of learning and continually developing their education. Knowledge and information are important components for the companies that will thrive after the recession. Thriving companies will be those that rapidly respond to customer feedback and expectations. They will have systems in place to obtain that feedback, candidly respond to it and capitalize on the opportunity - quickly.

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Managing the New Technology and the New Employee

How can one integrate the existing company workers with the new technology and the new hire. The growth of computing and internet capacity in the past 30 years has allowed the decentralization of management and the decreased the value of large size as a requisite for competitive success. Today product development and innovation can take place where the talent and creativity are and not be restricted to corporate headquarters. Increasingly the talented and highly educated workforce located well beyond our shores. This allows small business from around the world to enter markets previously closed to them.

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How can a small business find and afford the best new employee?

Employers have several opportunities to “test drive” a potential new hire. Savvy out-of-work individuals with experience and skills the organization needs have repackaged themselves as consultants that can be hired on a project basis. That way they can demonstrate their value without becoming an ongoing expense as the economy starts back up. Companies are joining with educational institutions. Educational institutions need practical experience for their students as much as companies need input on how to reinvent themselves in this brave now internet marketplace. Some of the graduates of IT programs who lack substantive work experience in their fields have had difficulty finding the work they trained for. Education and training programs that include structured internships can help overcome this problem.

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What Skills Does A Small Business Need From A New Hire?

Employers with an eye on future are looking to new hires with new technology skills. Those organizations that will thrive during the anticipated slow recovery will be those which embrace the emerging and rapidly developing technologies associated with the interactive internet. Post recession businesses will conduct major portions of their development, marketing, sales, ordering, product and services acquisition and delivery as well as communication on the web. Leadership based on collaborative working groups enables utilization of the best talent (from anywhere in the world) and is rapidly decreasing development time and costs.

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Doing Web 1.0 Better

My business is small - it's local - it's personal, so e-business doesn't fit my business model. Alas ecommerce has to be part of you long term business strategy. Some ideas for making your web 1.0 site work harder for you. You don't have to compete with every deep pocketed international company. No need to miss out on the power of your web investment.

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The Value of the Web

It’s hard to believe, but many businesses and non-profits have not yet realized the value of the web. Think about it – a web presence is as important today as the Yellow Pages® were to our parents! It’s your Number 1 marketing tool – and the new public face of your business. Yet some businesses haven’t harnessed the power of technology. Now is the time to get comfortable with the business world of the future.

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Jobs - Employer's Choice

What kind of employee is best to hire? In an environment where there are many applicants for each available job, how does the employer make the best choice? gather and utilize the best intellectual capital regardless of age or location; understand that change will be increasingly rapid and continuous and adapt to it; and recognize that all facets of business are globalized. Small businesses have to hire smart while the market is glutted with well qualified job seekers.

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What do small companies need from a new hire? How to be the best candidate and get the job. Who do small businesses hire?

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